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Summer Party on a Tight Budget

Posted on June 14, 2018 by admin.

We know these days that sometimes budgets are tight, if you’re having a summer party, taking advantage of water fun is a great idea:

  • Where Do You Like Them To Swim?

You can choose a pool, a lake or a beach for a Swim Adventure party.  If younger children are invited, make sure that you have enough adults to help supervise.   .

  • Make The Invitation One Of A Kind

If you want a unique swim party invitation, it can be simple but meaningful. Since you will hold the party in the summer, you can attach your homemade invitation to a small bottle of sun block or tanning lotion!  This will also help avoid sunburn after the party!

  • The Games Should Be Easy And Fun

There are many fun games that you can choose for them to play at the pool. These are Water Tag, Soaked Shirt Relay, Water Balloon Toss, Jump or Dive and Relay Races. They are great for all ages which everyone will feel the coolness of the water while playing at the same time enjoying the party.

  • Party Favors and Decor

During the summer, discount stores have a big selection of summer toys at amazingly low prices!  Stopping at one of these stores can save you lots of money on supplies, décor and party favors!

We hope this idea is helpful!  Enjoy browsing our over 100 categories where you’ll find lots of other great options for children’s birthday parties!